Ashley Schmierer

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International President, INC

Ashley Schmierer, Australian by birth and based in the UK, is President of the International Network of Churches (formerly known as Christian Outreach Centre) with his wife, Ruth. Having pastored their first church in Innisfail, Australia, Ashley & Ruth moved to the United Kingdom in 1993 to pioneer the movement’s UK/Europe base in Brighton, England.

Ashley is a true father who teaches practically and powerfully in the Holy Spirit. He believes that by training people through relationship, spiritual sons and daughters are raised up to positively influence society, extending the kingdom of God in towns, cities and nations.

Longer bio

As a fruit grower, Ashley Schmierer heard God speak, “If you follow Me, you will have fruit for eternity.” He and his wife, Ruth, left their farming business to be trained for ministry and later pastored a church in Innisfail, Australia. During this time Ashley established a Ministry Training School in the Solomon Islands from which hundreds of men and women pioneered new churches across South Pacific island nations.

Called by God to train people in Europe, in 1993 Ashley was filled afresh with God’s Spirit and moved with his family to Britain. As the Holy Spirit moved, a new church was rapidly established in Brighton. Men and women were soon trained and sent out across Britain, founding many new churches. Ashley continues to train leaders across Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Scores of Christian leaders now call Ashley their spiritual father, because he trained them personally by imparting both God’s word and life’s principles. Thousands more have had their lives impacted during decades of ministering across diverse countries and cultures.

Ashley has been a part of several distinctive moves of God’s Spirit, seeing many amazing miracles. He is a real pioneer who communicates with humour and a deep love for God.

In January 2009 Ashley was appointed as International President of INC (formerly known as COC) and today works strategically with national church leaders across most continents of the world. He lives to help people fulfil their God-given destiny, positively influence society and reach many with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Ruth Schmierer

Ruth Schmierer simply loves God, loves people and loves life!

She is a creative communicator whose heart-warming love for God and people accompanies her wealth of life skills and Biblical insight.

Having experienced powerful restoration for her own life, Ruth knows that the truth can set you free to enjoy God’s best for your life. Loved by many across nations and cultures, she helps people to unwrap their identity, work as effective teams and participate with Jesus Christ in life’s greatest adventure.

As part of her vision, Ruth gathers women at national conferences, inspiring and activating them to make a significant difference in their world. She encourages God’s daughters to live with purpose, understand truth and walk in freedom.

Australian by birth and now based in the United Kingdom, Ruth serves with her husband, Ashley, in the International Presidency of INC, a global movement of churches.


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